All of us have made some real blunders in life….it's what we do with them that counts!

I love the words “I want.”  I am sure that everyone knows exactly what I mean by those two words.  Of course, if it was just limited to those two words instead of so many others, “I want this, i want that, please, i need” 

The more vocabulary we get, the more we want.  I am unsure when Xander became such a consumerist but sometime between present day and the day that he was born, it happened.  I think we might spent to much time in stores considering he can name them.  I had high hopes that we might miss this stage of development. I know that my pocketbook can’t afford it.

Xander and I were shopping in Sam’s Wholesale club the other day.  I was pushing the cart while he was riding in the seat.  He was pointing every few seconds to something else….

Xan: Dada, I need that!  (points to giant flower pots)

Me: (unsure what he was planning for the giant pot - ignore comment)

Xan: Dada, I need that! (points to endcap of camera cases)

Me: (well we had been looking for a new camera case - ignores comments again)

Xan: DADA, I NEED THAT!!!! (points to end cap of power washers)

Me: (I kind of like the power washers myself) Xander, it seems you want everything.

Xan: UnUHHH (Nods head in approval) YEP!

Xan: I NEED THAT (points to display of color safe bleach)

Me: (well we do use a lot of color safe bleach…maybe we should…) Xander, You can’t have everything.

Xan: UnUhhh, can too! (points to my pocket at my wallet) Dada get it.

I seriously hope he outgrows the compulsive need to spend large amounts of money on things we don’t need.  I do think if he doesn’t outgrow it, advertisers are going to love him.  My wallet won’t love him though.

1 point Xander for knowing where my wallet was, 1 point future advertisers hoping he doesn’t change, 0 points dada for having to stop carrying my wallet.


  1. togetbackhomeward said: Ezra is like this too, and sadly, he does know the name of my favorite, and most frequented store, Target. When I say that we are out of something at home, he tells me to go to Target and buy it. Like batteries, or new rainboots when his broke.
  2. electradaddy said: My oldest two kids would get so mad at me when they were teens & would ask me to buy something because my response was always, “Oh, yeah, sure, let me just run out to the backyard & pick the cash off that money tree you think I have out there.”
  3. thesassyprince said: I think this is such a tough one. My mom says I said the same thing. I like to tell myself it’s because they are so secure in us meeting their needs/wants that they feel we really could get them all.
  4. auntaniesweird said: My niece used to steal the credit card right out of her fathers wallet. She knew where the money was and what the money was. After a few months of not having money for lunch, he started checking his wallet for his credit card before leaving.
  5. stacyavenue said: My 4-yr-old recently said to me, “I want all the Legos!”
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