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We are listening in to Xander play with his toys in his own personal “Action,Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction, Horror, Romance Movie.”

Now the continuing saga of Xander World (cue music - Japanese Elevator Music)

Episode 9 finds us in the living room.  We can hear horns honking and see neon flashing lights.  The floor has turned into the cement of a super highway going straight through the heart of Tokyo.  (Camera pans down to city)

Toy Car Mater (Hero): I get you! *

Toy Car Acer (Villian): I hide….(evil laugh heard from above) (Acer starts to drive down highway through city)

Toy Car Mater (Hero): You bad! No hide from Mater! (Mater puts on jet pack and flies after him.)

(Hand from above grabs Acer and throws him toward couch.)

Toy Car Acer (Villian): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! 

Toy Car Mater (Acer): You No Hide from me. (Camera pans back from city)

(Laughing comes from all around from unknown boy playing with toys)

What will happen in the next exciting episode of Xander World stay tuned to find out!

All Spoken parts spoken by Xander

* Cars characters are registered trademark of Disney.  Xan does not want to copyrite infringe

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