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When a child turns 3 they have a vocabulary of approximately 1000 words.   During their 3rd and 4th year of life they will learn an average of 4 to 6 words per day.  As parents we must do everything possible to make sure they hear and see as many words as possible.  

If we want our children to be academically successful they are now saying that we should speak at least 30,000 words a day to them.  The article, 30,000 Words. Is Your Child Getting Enough, even points out that quantity matters as much as quality when talking to our children.  It is the parents job to be communicating with their children throughout the day.  Talking, reading and even singing will help children learn more and be more successful as adults.

My 3 year old son has been acquiring words so quickly that I have been having a hard time just keeping up with them anymore.  If he doesn’t know a word he will improvise sometimes.

Me: Xan? Whats wrong with you? (I am watching as Xander dances around the room tugging on his backside)

Xan: IT STUCK! IT STUCK! (reaches hands around self as far as possible and starts tugging)

Me: What’s stuck son? (perplexed at the little dance he is doing)

Xan: IT STUCK! IT STUCK!  MY CRACK-E …. MY-CRACK-E! (making sweeping motions with his arms as he dances now)

Me: (still unsure exactly what he wants) Ok, come here and let me see if I can help.

Xan: (moves next to me and stops tugging on diaper)  DADA!!! HELP ME!  IT STUCK IN MY CRACK-E!  (frustration level is getting worse)

Me:  Ok be still and I will look.  (I turn him around and see that his diaper has become all bunched up and tugging upwards in the middle)

Me: (laughing out loud)  Xan?  Is it your diaper that is stuck?

Xan:  YEAH! YEAH!  DADA FIX DIAPER IN MY CRACK-E. Please?  (relief in eyes at being understood)

Me:  (laughing still louder)  Alright Xan, I will fix the diaper that’s stuck in your crack-e.

I am not sure if we are coming close to that 30,000 mark or not now.  I can tell you that if I read Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat, 18 times a day to him I will be close.  Personally though, I am just glad his crack-e didn’t spring a leak!

0 points Xander for having his diaper bunched up and stuck in his crack-e, 1 point dada for removing the diaper out of Xander’s crack-e.

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