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There are many benefits to having a pet. People who have pets suffer less from  depression and are less likely to have anxiety. Studies have even shown that having a pet is good for the heart and can lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels. Recent information is even now showing having a pet can lessen risks of having allergies and asthma in children.

I grew up with dogs. I have always had dachshunds in my house. As a parent, I believe that having a pet can help teach responsibility. My son will often help feed the dogs. He has been known to tell me when their bowl is empty and lead me to the food container to get  more “kibbles” (the word he uses for their food.)

Having three dachshunds in our house can make changing a diaper a challenge. My dogs Emmy Lou, Maggie Moo and Bridget Boo will follow me around and have been known to “try” to help. They believe Xander is part of their pack and have adopted him as a full member.

Xander loves having dogs (his three sisters…he is an only child after all.) I find it funny that most children that have siblings learn to tattle on his other for various things. I always thought because we had only one child we wouldn’t have this issue. I can now admit I was wrong.

Me: Alright, Xan I need to change your diaper. (looking at Xander’s diaper and notice it is full)

Xan: Alrightttttt (said with much anguish in his voice)

Dachshunds: Grrrrr (all running back and forth around the floor chasing each other)

Me: Get on the couch, please. (I set the clean diaper unfolded on the floor)

Xan: DADA! DADA!! Emmy stepped on it!!! (yes, he is calling me dada still…. see Change is Inevitable)

Dachshunds: (Emmy is on the floor trying to help me. She is walking back and forth)

Me: Emmy stepped on what? (I have no idea what Emmy stepped on)

Xan: Emmy!!! Stepped on diaper! (Has a horrified expression)

Me: Emmy stepped on your diaper? (look down and see Emmy is next to the clean diaper and “might” have stepped on it)

Xan: UNUHHHH!!!! IT DIRTY NOW!!! NO CLEAN!!!!! (yelling at me and nodding head yes rapidly)

Me: Xan, I think the diaper is okay.(show Xan clean diaper that is still not open)

Xan: NO! NO! IT DIRTY!!! (very adamant that this diaper is dirty)

Me: Okay, Xan its dirty then. I will get another one (sometimes it is just better to admit defeat quickly)

Xan: Ahhhhh….that better!!!!  (gives Emmy a dirty look)

Me: (deep sigh out loud)

Xan: Diaper mine Emmy!!! No diaper Emmy!!! (gives Emmy a raspberry)

I always knew that having three dogs could be challenging. They often fight with each other to see who can get the most attention from me. I never thought that my son would decide to join their pack and become part of their sibling rivalry.

1 point Xander for being the top dog, 0 points dogs for being demoted as top dogs, 0 points dada/daddy for being in the middle of sibling rivalry.

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When I first became a father I never put much thought into diaper duty. My main concept of diapers came through working with families as a social worker and through television commercials (children actually do run when they need a diaper changed).  I never really considered purchasing them, checking them (a never-ending task), changing them and disposing of them. I discovered, like most fathers, I was a quick learner.

As a man, I have discovered that purchasing diapers is not a simple task. Upon initially finding out we were going to have a child I thought it would be beneficial to check out diapers and see what was available. I learned that there are more brands than I could imagine and diapers are not created equal. My wife and I both signed-up online for coupons and received a overwhelming response  from various companies. Honestly, I think initially we had enough coupons to make a 1000 page book.

The next major task was to learn its okay to check to see if your child needs changed. Everyone seems to have a method for checking a diaper. In the beginning I was able to just do the smell check (yes that means you have to get close enough to actually smell.) For myself, I found this worked well. Now, that my son is older and potty training has begun I can just ask him. The smell test for checking diapers is still the most reliable.

Me: Xan, are you poopy? (smell something from a distance)

Xan: I not poopy! (smiles)

Me: Xan are you sure? (walk towards him and smell gets stronger)

Xan: I sure! (try’s to run)

Me: You are too! (the smell is overwhelming)

As a male, I have learned changing a diaper is far from simple. I am not questioning my ability to change a diaper. The main problem I have found is finding somewhere to change my son. If you are a new father you will quickly find that many establishments probably do not have a diaper changing station in the male restroom. I have been to department stores, grocery stores and restaurants that do not have changing stations. I quickly made a list of places that would allow me to be able to change my son so I didn’t have to go back to the car each time I had to change a diaper.

Occasionally, you will still have to change a diaper in the car. I would advice a father to make sure the diaper bag is well stocked and have a changing pad or small blanket to change your child on. I recommend a small blanket that you change out regularly. Some people are now asking why do I need a small blanket? In the summer time the car get overly hot (especially if you have a leather seats) and in the winter overly cold. Just remember if you don’t like sitting on a hot or cold seat neither does a child (I also keep his car seat covered with a blanket to stop temperature extremes)

One of the most crucial steps is the disposal of the diaper. I have often wanted to call in a hazmat team to see if they will help but have yet to find one that will respond. Lots of people just dispose of them straight to the trash can but I have found if you use disposable bags you can help prevent odor. As my son has gotten older he even helps in the disposal process now.

Me: Xan please throw your diaper away. (smiling)

Xan: OH NO!!! It stinky! Dada do it! (wrinkles up nose)

Me: Xan, I think you can throw it away! (give the look)

Xan: Alrigggghhhtttt…. (grabs diaper with one hand and plugs nose with other hand)

Me: I know!!  (laughing out loud)

Changing children is not an easy task. I remind myself its a stage and soon my son will be potty trained (hopefully before college)

One point Xander for knowing changing a diaper is a messy job, One point Dada for knowing changing a diaper is a messy job!

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When a child turns 3 they have a vocabulary of approximately 1000 words.   During their 3rd and 4th year of life they will learn an average of 4 to 6 words per day.  As parents we must do everything possible to make sure they hear and see as many words as possible.  

If we want our children to be academically successful they are now saying that we should speak at least 30,000 words a day to them.  The article, 30,000 Words. Is Your Child Getting Enough, even points out that quantity matters as much as quality when talking to our children.  It is the parents job to be communicating with their children throughout the day.  Talking, reading and even singing will help children learn more and be more successful as adults.

My 3 year old son has been acquiring words so quickly that I have been having a hard time just keeping up with them anymore.  If he doesn’t know a word he will improvise sometimes.

Me: Xan? Whats wrong with you? (I am watching as Xander dances around the room tugging on his backside)

Xan: IT STUCK! IT STUCK! (reaches hands around self as far as possible and starts tugging)

Me: What’s stuck son? (perplexed at the little dance he is doing)

Xan: IT STUCK! IT STUCK!  MY CRACK-E …. MY-CRACK-E! (making sweeping motions with his arms as he dances now)

Me: (still unsure exactly what he wants) Ok, come here and let me see if I can help.

Xan: (moves next to me and stops tugging on diaper)  DADA!!! HELP ME!  IT STUCK IN MY CRACK-E!  (frustration level is getting worse)

Me:  Ok be still and I will look.  (I turn him around and see that his diaper has become all bunched up and tugging upwards in the middle)

Me: (laughing out loud)  Xan?  Is it your diaper that is stuck?

Xan:  YEAH! YEAH!  DADA FIX DIAPER IN MY CRACK-E. Please?  (relief in eyes at being understood)

Me:  (laughing still louder)  Alright Xan, I will fix the diaper that’s stuck in your crack-e.

I am not sure if we are coming close to that 30,000 mark or not now.  I can tell you that if I read Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat, 18 times a day to him I will be close.  Personally though, I am just glad his crack-e didn’t spring a leak!

0 points Xander for having his diaper bunched up and stuck in his crack-e, 1 point dada for removing the diaper out of Xander’s crack-e.

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Xander brought me the diaper cream a bit ago.  He then said, Dada you need that! I then watched as my 3 year old son went over to the couch and got on the couch for a diaper change.  It’s never good when they bring you the diaper cream….YIKES!!! I think I need a hazmat suit!

1 point Xander for bringing the diaper cream to me and wanting his diaper changed, 0 points dada for having to change that diaper!!!

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Xander isn’t my only inspiration for writing things down to remember.  I have lots of people in my life that make things truly “unique and funny” on a daily basis.  Xander might often be the topic of conversation but it’s the things other people say that make a great day even better.

Last night, Melissa had been home for a very short time and I was telling her that Xan hadn’t been feeling well and she missed out on one really “bad” diaper (the kind where your child has to put on different jeans)

Melissa: (looking at Xan, who had no pants on, then immediately looking at me) Where are his pants?

Me: His jeans are in the washer. (they had to be washed as quickly as possible)

Melissa: That should be fine unless he eats off of them.

Me: (Big grin on my face…my cogs in my head are working overtime) I seriously hope we would notice if he starts eating off of his jeans.  I generally let him use a plate.

People never seem to ask me where Xan get’s his sense of humor from.  Anyone that has known us for any length of time know I can be a very quick smart arse and Xan seems to be following in my footsteps with a sense of humor to match my own.  I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  YIKES!  

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When I went to get Xan this morning I had to change a diaper (not a good potty training day.) He told me he wanted to climb the wall, can we say daredevil? He is so my son!

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I know at three years of age independence comes and it comes with vengeance.  I swear my son is

A. Trying to turn all my hair gray.

B. Send me to a early grave

C. Conspiring with his three cousins (Olivia, Kaileigh and Cherish) on nursing home picks for their parents.

D. Possibly working his way towards America’s Most Wanted (God I hope its A, B or C)

We were outside recently and I look over at Xander who is playing with his cousin Olivia in a bed of small pepples and rocks.  He is stuffing the rocks down the backside of his diaper.

Me: What are you doing? (I have the “tone”)

Xander: Dumb look on face utter silence (unfortunately he gets the dumb look from my side of the family)

Me: Are you putting rocks in your diaper?

Xander: Uhhhh!!! (Nods Head)

Me: You need to stop that can’t feel good.

Xander: Ok (Dumb look is back)

Xander stopped just like I asked him.  I occasionally forget though I have to be specific and close all loop holes.  If I forget to add something in my statement he will use it against me in a court of law.

Me: (I now have the dumb look on my face….see it runs on my side of the family)

Xander has walked over to cousin Olivia and trying to put rocks down her diaper. Needless to say Xander wound up with a time-out, needless crying and ultimately having to go inside.   I am quite sure this could all be avoided if his opinion just matched mine a little more often.  Independence in a three year old can suck!!   

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