All of us have made some real blunders in life….it's what we do with them that counts!

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I often wonder since Xander is a boy if he will be smart growing up.  I then think to myself of all the stupid things I did and pray for his sake he takes after his mother.  I further wonder if maybe all the stupid things I did could be just genetically male.  But of course this cannot be a true statement…could it?

At my niece’s Birthday party today our friend’s 10 year old son asked me a question while he was playing with Olivia’s dog Annie (a girl)

Friends 10 year old son:  Is Annie a boy or girls name? (inquisitive look)

Me:  What do you think? (smiling almost have the dumb look on my face)

Friends 10 year old son:  I think it could be either.

Me: (walk away shaking head…thinking I don’t know to many boys named Annie)

I am starting to believe there might be a genetic link to being a young male and being not to bright!

0 points Xander for possibly having the not so bright male gene, 0 points friends 10 year old son for confirming the not so bright male gene, 1 point dada for outgrowing the not so bright male gene (most of the time)

Edit: As has been stated more than once in comments Ani can be a boys name from the Star Wars trilogy.  Except in this case, I happen to know this young man has never Star Wars.  Yikes :)

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