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We are listening in to Xander play with his toys in own personal “Action, Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction, Horror, Romance movie.”

Now the continuing saga of Xander’s World (cue music - Splish Splash)

Our scene opens in a major metropolis. The sights and sounds of the city are overwhelming. In the sky we see a dog flying around.

Super Puppy: I super puppy! (Zoom…Zoom…and sound of cap flying in the wind)

Citizen: HELP! HELP! SUPER PUPPY I NEED HELP! (yelling is coming from a tall building)

Super Puppy: I help now! (Flies toward building)

Super Puppy: I have super poop! I help with super poop! (talking to citizen)

Citizen: YEAH!! Thank you super puppy! I like super poop! (citizen is laughing and cheering)

(laughing heard in distance by unknown boy)

What will happen in the next exciting episode of Xander World stay tuned to find out!

 All spoken parts spoken by Xander

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